International Conference on

Biological Research and Bio-Statistics (Emerging Trends and Future Prospects)



29th to 30th April 2019
Starting at 10AM


U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad, U.P. India- 211 013

Organized By

School of Science U.P. Rajarshi Tondan Open University, Allahabad


Prof. K.N. Singh

Hon’ble Vice Chancellor

Conference Director

Dr. G. S. Shukla

Director School of Health Science


Dr. Ashutosh Gupta

Director School of Sciences

Organizing Secretary

Dr. Shruti

Assistant Professor (Statistics) School of Sciences

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta

Academic Consultant (Chemistry) School of Sciences


Mr. M. K. Balwant

Assistant Professor (Computer Sciences) School of Sciences

Dr. Dharmveer Singh

Academic Consultant (Bio-Chemistry) School of Sciences

Dr. Shushma Chauhaan

Academic Consultant (Botany) School of Sciences

Dr. R. P. Singh

Academic Consultant (Bio-Chemistry) School of Sciences

Dr. Deepa Pathak

Academic Consultant (Zoology) School of Sciences

Dr. Vikas Singh

Academic Consultant (Mathematics) School of Sciences

Dr. A. K. Singh

Academic Consultant (Physics) School of Sciences

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Prayagraj is one of the traditional cities of the world having enriched with splendid history in the erena of spirituality, politics, independence, academia and judiciary as well. City is situated at the confluence of holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna, called Triveni Sangam due to invisible Swaraswati. Every year in the month of January Magh Mela is organized at Sangam while every 6th year Ardh Kumbh and every 12th year Maha Kumbh (Biggest gala of the World) is organized. It is one of the fastest growing cities in India. During Kumbh mela Prayagraj stands as one of the most populas city in the world. This year Kumbh mela which conclude on March 4, 2019 is being witnessed by people from not only the nation but also from more than 100 contries of the word. The city is also known as ‘Prayag’ or ‘Tirth Raj’. It is located 201 Km South - East of the state capital Lucknow, 121 Km East from spiritual city Varanasi, 199 Km North - East from industrial city Kanpur and 423 Km. East from the Historical city Jhansi. Allahabad has an area of about 70 sq. km. and has hight of 98 mt. (332ft) above sea level. The city temperature during March is usually between 20 ̊C - 25 ̊C. Prayagraj has been the educational hub of the country since ancient period and University of Allahabad is also known as Oxford of the East is also situated here. Inadition, this city has number of global reputed educational institutes and historical places.

About the Conference

The goal of this conference is to explore research in basic and health sciences in the domain biosciences and biostatistics. In current scenario, it is the time of interdisciplinary area of research includes area of sciences, engineering, medicine and statistics. The nanotechnology is gaining overwhelming response in almost all research fields. The advance in nanotechnology and engineering suggest that many of the issues involving biomedical, water quality, and energy etc. could be resolved. Therefore, the conference is aimed to bring together the scientific communities and industries expert working in the interdisciplinary area of nanoscience and technology with special emphasis to biological systems. Aggregated protein nanoparticles that are formed by misfolded protein and associated aggregation pathway is prerequisite to develop therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases. When nanoparticles linked with biotargeting ligands such as peptides or small molecules, these nanoparticles can be used to target diseased cells and organs with high affinity and specificity. The graphene anchored advanced materials has lot of application in medicines, medical device, electronic, energy and environmental applications. The potential catalytic activity of graphene material makes it useful in biomedicals, energy and wastewater treatment applications. The current research is going to be sifted in development of sensors to detect molecules that measure physical quantity and convert those quantities to signal that they detect and analyzed. Bio-inorganic molecules have vital importance in many aspects of living organisms. When the biomolecules interact with inorganic molecules give biological significance. Research in bioinorganic chemistry highlighted the area of synthesis of novel complexes or materials at nanoscale level. In addition, supramolecular chemistry has been given new dimensions in bioinorganic chemistry. Nowadays, great challenges we have in the waste collection and dumping, lacks of dumping sites and lacks of sanitary equipment for sanitary workers etc. are in sanitation and health. Nanotechnology in agricultural area makes pivot in sustainable farming. The nanocapsule has been keeping in their involvement in genetic crop modification, soil testing, and delivery of pesticide, hormones and agrochemical etc. The application of remote sensing also puts pivot role in measuring crop yield, weather forecasting, etc. In addition, the research in remote sensing has been diverted to monitoring of hydrological cycle, climate change, population density, natural resource measurement and land use land change, etc. Research in computational biophysics is uses physical principles to understand complex biological phenomena at an atomistic level of details. Some methods that are often employed in computational biophysics are molecular dynamics simulations, electrostatic energy calculations etc. However, in the field of bio-science and research, the statistics plays an important role in improving the results with scientific analysis of the data through traditional methods and recent Statistical methods through softwares. Statistical methods used in the application for research and development are crucial in the various areas. The main aim of this conference is to expand the fundamental knowledge and show the importance of diverse field of research in biological science and biostatistics. This conference would be provided the new vision and opportunity for young researchers and scientists those are working in science and technology. In addition, this conference show the advancement made by biological research and biostatistics that would be helpful to government for policy and decision making and also for funding in research and development.

Other Details

Thrust Area:

1.Biomedical: Nano-biotechnology and nano-medicine.
2. Protein aggregates for biomedical and nanotechnology applications.
3. Peptide nanostructures for biological applications.
4. Advanced material: Interfacing bio molecules with Graphene.
5. Nanofabrication of bioinspired material and gels.
6. Environmental challenges in sanitation and health.
7. Advanced material sensors.
8. Nanostructures for biological applications.
9. Bioinorganic chemistry and their applications.
10. Computational Biophysics.
11. Bioinformatics: Modeling and simulation .
12. Bio-Statistics in Biological Sciences.
13. Nanotechnology in agriculture and wastewater treatment.
14. Applied Statistics .
15. Statistical approach of remote sensing in agricultural and sustainable development.

Plenary Sessions:

In addition to inaugural and valedictory sessions there shall be six (6) Plenary Sessions chaired and co-chaired by Eminent personalities related to above mentioned sub-themes.


The participants will be Research Scholar, Faculty Members, Undergraduate Students, Postgraduate Students, Industry Delegates of a broad set of areas related to Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Geology, Life Sciences, Geophysics, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Computer Science & Informatics, Material Sciences, Medical and Paramedical Sciences, Energy and Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences.

Submission of papers

Abstract of the research papers invited for presentation shall be submitted electronically as the MS-word file latest by April 23, 2019. The abstract restricted to maximum 500 words, must contain the title of the paper, name(s) of author(s) with affiliation and email id(s). The name of presenting author must be underlined. Selected full papers shall be published in an edited book with ISBN number.

 Registration Fees

Category Name  Early (Rupees)()  Late  On Spot  Fee (In Dollar)($)
 Research Scholar  1000  N/A  N/A  30
 Faculty Members  1500  N/A  N/A  50
 Industry /NGO representative  2500  N/A  N/A  60
 Accompanying Person  1000  N/A  N/A  30

Registration fees is to be paid through Demand Draft/Online payment in favour of Finance Officer, UPRTOU, Allahabad, & should be sent to the organizing secretary at the university address along with the registration form before the last date. MO & cheque will not be allowed/accepted. Prior confirmation of participation either through e-mail or telephone shall be required. On spot registration fee is to be paid in cash.

 Food & Accommodation

The university has its own Guest House in which accommodation may be provided to the limited number of outstation delegates, on their demand well in advance. The expenses incurred are to be born by the participant. However Accommodation in the Hotel may be arranged on request and all the expenses of the stay and food will be borne by the delegates themselves.

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Location and Venue


U.P. Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad, U.P. India- 211 013

Additional details

The University is situated at Shantipuram Sector F, Phaphamau, Allahabad which is equipped with good infrastructure facilities like Buildings, Library, Wi-Fi network, Guest House, Media Center campus etc.

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Dr. Shruti